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  • How do I purchase a Door Handle Kit?
    You can purchase a kit on this website or on Ebay. Both of these options are available on the "BUY" page of this website.
  • Do I have to have a PayPal account to purchase this?
    No, there is an option to checkout as a guest.
  • Does this fit my handle?
    If your exterior handle is "D" shaped, then this kit will fit. If your exterior handle is square shaped, it is the earlier version of this handle, and you will need to purchase a complete new handle. The picture shows both of these so that you can see which your RV has. Also, once you have removed the inner handle, you will see a silver plate. In the plate are numbers stamped in the metal. The handle that this kit repairs will have the number 29412, followed by a 2 digit number and a letter, as shown in the picture. The 29412 indicates that the handle is the correct one. If you do a search on Ebay for Trimark 060-1650, that is the handle that you will need. BUT, before you buy a handle, see the picture below to help you identify that the one you're seeing has a steel plunger, and not a pot metal one like you just broke. The pot metal plunger has 2 grooves in it from the casting process. In most ads, you will be able to see the start of those grooves. You DO NOT want that one.
  • I am locked in or out, how can I open the door?"
    You will need to get inside your RV. Once inside, remove the three screws that hold the inner handle in place. Once that is removed, you will see the plunger part which has a slot in it. Most likely, the left end will have broken off. Take a large flat blade screwdriver and place in the slot. Twist the screwdriver to put pressure on the slotted piece, and pull to the left at the same time. It should allow the door to open. If you have someone else to lean against the door from the outside, it will help take pressure off of the plunger and allow the door to open easier.
  • My handle isn't broken yet, but how can I tell which plunger it has in it?"
    The breakage prone pot metal plunger is not magnetic, and the steel one is.
  • If mine is pot metal, but hasn't broken yet, can I still install one of these kits to avoid mine breaking at a bad time?"
    Yes. Remove the inside handle. Inside you will see the plunger has a slot in it. Take a large flat blade screwdriver and insert it into the middle of that slot. Twist the screwdriver and most of the time, it will snap one side of the plunger. Using a large pair of pliers on the shaft of the screwdriver will assist in snapping the piece.
  • When my handle broke, the spring flew out and I can't find it."
    No worry, a new spring is in the kit.
  • There is a white plastic piece that came out when I removed the inside handle. What do I do with it?
    I designed the kit to do away with that piece, as it's just onemore thing that could break and prevent the handle from opening the door.
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