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RV door kit 1.jpg

In figure 1, you see the 2 pins that will need to be removed to install the kit. They are installed from the manufacturer with a thread locker on them. This makes them harder to remove. One thing that can help is to loosen them while the handle is still in your RV. But, DO NOT REMOVE THEM completely until your handle is removed from the RV. Taking them out before removing the handle will allow the 2 plates to fall into the bottom of your door.

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RV door kit 5.jpg
RV door kit 2.jpg

Figure 2 shows the flat part that will move up or down. It must be moved to the upper or lock position to allow the flat part of the kit to slide into the handle. Once the part is slid into place, move the sliding part to the lower or unlock position. Figure 3 shows the kit part in place. Figure 4 shows the spring placed into the handle to slide into the latch part of the kit. Once the latch piece is slid onto the spring, the small bolt from the kit will attach the two kit pieces as in Figure 5. The bolt that is supplied has a patch of threadlocker so that it will not loosen up.

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